3 Tips to Craft a Winning General Labour Resume

We get that it’s difficult to write a resume. You’re not sure what must go on it and whether you should follow a specific format. And if you already have a resume, you don’t know how to spruce it up such that it passes the Applicant Tracking Software. That’s why we have 3 tips to craft a winning General Labour Resume.

General Labour Resume Tip 1: Use a Resume Template

Resume Templates take the hassle out of the resume creation process. You no longer have to spend hours trying to create the perfect resume from scratch.

Resume Templates have:

The perfect format and the fonts that will help you stand out from other candidates
Pre-written content that saves you time and effort. You no longer have to worry about what should go into your resume. Just change the content in your resume to match the job description and you’ll be good to go.

You can find general labour resume templates on sites like Zety and Canva. Do give them a try!

General Labour Resumes Tip 2: Write a clear and customised Objective/Summary

Most candidates skip this step or write something vague and general. Your resume objective/summary should tell prospective employers the value you’ll provide if they hired you.

Here’s how you can tailor your resume for each job you apply to:

Read the job description carefully.
Note down a few relevant points you can include in your objective
Craft an objective using the following structure:

– What are a few words that your colleagues will use to describe you as a professional?

– How can you help the company?

– What have you done so far?

For example, your objective could look like:

Motivated professional and team player with X years of experience in the general labour section. I’ve worked extensively in the construction industry and I’m looking to put my existing skills to great use and pick up new skills along the way in a fast-paced and growth-driven organisation.

General Labour Resume Tip 3: Highlight your most important skills and Work Experiences

Here are a few important things to remember while completing the other sections of resume:

Education: Start with the highest level of education. Mention the name of your school, graduation date, and your final score/grade. If you have any academic achievements, mention them in this section.

Work Experience: Add your most recent work experience and highlight your professional achievements. If your previous bosses give you a short recommendation, include those in this section. Don’t add more than 2 recommendations or referrals.

Skills: Start with listing skills that are mentioned in the job description if they’re relevant to you. Don’t list skills for the sake of it!

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A winning General Labour Resume consists of:

Use a resume template
Write a clear and concise summary
Highlight the most important skills and experiences

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