3 Signs you Need a Recruitment Agency 

3 Signs you Need a Recruitment Agency

Your business might be losing out on valuable hires and business growth without a recruiting agency. 


Here are 3 signs that you need a recruiting agency to step in and find the best candidates for you. 

Candidates Don’t Apply for your Jobs


Knowing which skills will best fit the role helps in writing a crisp job description that gives potential candidates clarity on what the company expects from them. 


If the job descriptions aren’t clear, the right candidates won’t apply for the job. Hiring a recruiting agency will help you visualize the right candidate. 


Once you’ve a clear idea of the ideal candidate, the agency will put out job alerts on social media platforms and contact their network to find the best candidates for you. 

Your turnover rate is high

Turnover is the percentage of employees leaving your company in a given time. Having a high turnover rate doesn’t seem like a great problem at first glance. 


Companies simply replace candidates who have left with new ones. But the process takes time and creates setbacks which slow down the growth of the company. Moreover, it also affects the quality of work done by the candidates. 


When you hire a recruiting agency, they’ll put you in touch with the right candidates within a short period of time and help reduce your turnover rate. 

Your staff don’t have the time to Hire

Every employee in a business has their work cut out for them. When hiring is added to the workload, the quality of hires drops as your staff are under pressure to find a new candidate and complete the existing work. 


When you hire a recruiting agency to find the ideal candidate for you, they find the right candidates within a short time. Recruiting agency staff have already networked with a lot of candidates and finding the perfect candidate for your role will take less time, money, and effort. 


Moreover, recruiting agencies interview the candidates and make sure that they’re passionate about the job and excited to work for you so that they don’t quit projects midway. 



Hiring a recruiting agency to find the ideal candidate is the best way to save time, money, and effort. 


Sometimes, businesses don’t take recruiting seriously and face problems that can setback their growth by a large margin. Here are some signs that businesses need to get  in touch with an expert recruiting agency. 


  1. Candidates don’t apply for jobs
  2. Employee Turnover rate is high
  3. Staff don’t have time to hire


If you need tips on finding the right recruitment agency, check out 5 Tips for Hiring the Right Recruiting Agency. 


And if you want to get in touch with the best recruiting Agency in Canada for labourers, contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you with your hiring requirements. 


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