5 Labour Interview Questions and their Answers 

Congratulations on scoring an interview! You’re now one step closer to getting that job. It’s normal to feel anxious and nervous. And it’s nothing great preparation won’t take care of. Here are 5 labour interview questions and answers to help you feel at ease and ready to crack that interview!


And if you haven’t scored an interview yet, don’t worry! We’ve some pretty great tips that will help you land a job during the pandemic. Here are 3 Tips to find a General Labourer job in Canada during the pandemic!

Question 1: Can you tell us how your previous experience will come in handy for the job we’ve posted?

If you’re applying for a labour role that requires experience, ensure that you’ve worked out an answer to this question. 


Highlight parts of your previous experience that are relevant and useful for the current job position to make a great impression and explain how you’ll be a great fit for the role. 


Question 2: Our job might get challenging at times and it requires personal development. How have you developed your skills in the previous months?


This is your chance to highlight certifications, training, and other apprenticeships you might have undertaken in the previous years. 


If you’re a fresher, talk about specific skills you’ve picked up from your apprenticeship. And if you already have some experience under your belt, highlight 1-2 skills or certifications you’ve picked up in the previous year to show that you’re always looking to learn and grow in your job. 

Question 3: We use a lot of equipment and machinery on a daily basis. Can you undertake maintenance work for them?

Ask your interviewer if there’s any specific equipment and machinery  they use. If you’ve performed maintenance for the same equipment, explain the maintenance procedure  to showcase your knowledge. 


And don’t forget to include instances where you had to:


  •  Think on your feet to fix an equipment
  • Fix equipment under pressure and limitations


All these highlight your expertise and your ability to think critically which are two of the most important things employers look for while hiring labourers. 

Question 4: Why are you leaving your previous job?

It’s an easy question but a wrong answer would become a deal-breaker. The key to crafting a diplomatic answer is to:


  • Be honest without diving into negativity and drama. 
  • If your company downsized, don’t be afraid to state it as a reason. 
  • In case you were laid off, explain the cause without saying terrible things about your previous employer. 
  • If you’re seeking new challenges and growth, explain how you think the current job posting will help you. 


Question 5: How do you handle disagreements with coworkers?


This question aims to test how you communicate and solve problems in your workplace. 


Showcase these traits by narrating an experience where you dealt with disagreements in a friendly manner. Highlight how you solved the problem and took control of the situation. 


Add how you’ll communicate with coworkers if a similar situation were to arise in the future. 




Preparing for an interview needn’t be hard. All it takes is honest communication, great listening skills, and complete focus on how you’ll help potential employers solve their problems. 


If you’d like to get in touch with employers who value your work and time, get in touch with the Staffing Network. We help recruiters and employees find the best match. 


And if you found our labour interview questions to be useful,  be sure to share and comment other tips we might have missed!