Top 3 Employability Skills that every Worker must have in 2021

Wondering what you must do to land a job in 2021? We connected with recruiters and asked their opinion. Here are the top 3 employability skills most of them highlighted to help candidates stand out from the crowd and acquire their dream job.

Employability Skill #1: Analytical Skills

Workplaces come with an unexpected set of problems that workers must solve quickly to ensure that companies don’t waste unnecessary time and money on fixing them.

That’s where your analytical skills come in handy. You’d be a company’s greatest asset if you manage to identify and solve problems quickly. Here are some of the Analytical Skills you’ll require at your workplace.

Attention to Detail: Picking up subtle details that most will miss out on gives you a great advantage.

Theorising: Working back from a problem to arrive at probable causes to solve it.

Evaluation: Determine the quality and other parameters in a situation to evaluate the problem.

Decision-making: Highlight this skill on your resume if your decisions have positively impacted your workplace.

Employability Skill #2: Collaboration and Teamwork

“Team work makes the dream work”

Every workplace needs employees who can communicate and collaborate efficiently with their team members.

Your teammates are bound to go through bad days and terrible moods especially with everything that’s happening right now.

If you can deal with them in a smart manner and get work done, you’re an asset to the team.

In addition to great communication skills, if you’ve delegated tasks and helped complete a project on time through your leadership skills, don’t forget to mention it in your resume. Why?

Because companies love candidates who can reduce the time and effort required to run their business efficiently.

Employability Skills #3: Adaptability

We’re going to develop new technologies and machines as we progress further. You might come across positions that require you to perform basic maintenance operations and operate the machines.

If you want to stay ahead of the game and adapt to an ever-changing workplace and evolving technologies, you must be flexible, adaptable, and willing to learn more on the job.

The constant upskilling and learning will help you land a job and progress up the career ladder quickly.

And adaptability needn’t be limited to upskilling and learning. Many interviewers will also ask you to elaborate how you’ll handle adverse situations like bad weather, unexpected delays, etc.

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To improve your employability in 2021, develop existing skills like:

  1. Analytical skills
  2. Collaboration & Teamwork
  3. Adaptability

Recruiters look for these skills in workers as they are important and will help take their business to the next level.

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